Use Facebook–it’s like chicken soup

It couldn’t hurt.

Shocking as it sounds, executives must use Facebook

If you are looking for a new job or just want to keep your personal brand active you want to appear up to date and therefore, you must use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Not interested?  Don’t have time? Think it is just for kids? Think again. Employers need to know you have a contemporary skill set. Using social networking is an indicator you are up to the minute — savvy.

That doesn’t mean you have to become obsessed. It is just a check off. Create compelling profiles and post an occasional comment, a few pictures and maybe some links, a book review or just a quotation.

Geoff Tucker is a marketing communications manager with an avid interest in the use and practices of social media in our lives. He is the author of the forthcoming, “Beginner’s Social Media: A Guide to Smart Use of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.”  I asked him to comment on how and why executives and technology professionals might use social networking to enhance their job search.

“Facebook is not a primary job search or networking tool for the executive. It is suitable for people younger in their career as a job search tool. Rather, Facebook is a smart tool to augment your online reputation. Expect to be Googled when people want to know more about you. Your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles are likely to show up. Lack of a Facebook presence might raise eyebrows, begging the question of how sophisticated you are with the latest technologies. If you are concerned about ageism then missing a social networking presence may be a problem, especially if you are in the technology sector.

By all means, at the least, create and maintain a Facebook profile. This shows you are engaged where people expect to find you. It helps to enhance your online reputation and you are seen as well rounded person. After all you are more than the sum of what you do from 9 to 5.”

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