Coaching support


Would you climb Mount Everest without a sherpa?

Today’s job market for executives and technology professionals is similarly challenging. With a proper guide it is doable; without one, you are at risk of prolonged unemployment.

“I’ve used Rita’s job search coaching twice and I can tell you her coaching pays for itself in the next offer/opportunity. She’s a great sounding board and can be very helpful in the negotiation process as well. In hindsight, her services were invaluable to me.
Rita can help you ensure that you are setting the right goals, communicating at the right level and negotiating the right deal: Everything from the resume and elevator pitch to the interviews and follow ups as well as the negotiation.” Matt S., VP IT.

You need a coach if:

  • You have a career and want more than just a job
  • Have been looking for more than three months and are not getting offers
  • Haven’t conducted a successful job search in a few years
  • Don’t get a call back after the first interview
  • Want to nail every interview question every time
  • Want to perfect your resume and interview style
  • Are over 50 years old
  • Want to transition from Director to Vice President
  • Need an insider as a sounding board as you navigate the job market
  • Want to expedite your promotion
  • Want to learn new skills to create a compelling job search
  • Want to use social networking tools to your advantage
  • Want expert networking advice to create connections to people who can provide leads and opportunities.

What you get:

Six month’s access to Rita Ashley, Job Search Coach for guidance and trouble shooting. Flexible hours include evenings and weekends to accommodate your work schedule and time zone.

A customized program with focus on your needs and your style

Support for your networking activities to get the leads and interviews you need

  1. Personalized, highly targeted job search coaching beginning with a go/no-go list
  2. Development of an excellent resume, brand, elevator pitch and other tools
  3. Clear definition of your objectives and how best to accomplish them
  4. Support for your social networking activities
  5. Personal branding techniques
  6. Techniques to gain control over your job search
  7. Course correction, examples, scripts, role playing as needed and practice interviews
  8. An available sounding board to walk you through every job search encounter
  9. Effective assistance with negotiating, problem solving and reference positioning
  10. Proven guidance for effective networking

Contact the Coach to discuss a personalized job search coaching program to help you cross that finish line faster.

“I was having a hard time telling people what I do. I just kept rambling and didn’t stop until someone interrupted me. After just a few sessions coaching with Rita, my interactions were a lot smoother and people actually asked me for more information. My confidence came back.” David R., CFO.

Want to try before you buy?  A three hour session is available wherein you are guided through improving your LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch.

In the last two years, 98% of my clients have achieved their goals within six months; is it your turn?

Make an appointment to discuss coaching to discover if it maps to your challenges.

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