Networking Debugged


It may be simple, but it certainly isn’t easy

Step-by-Step Guide to Networking because networking is hard for most people.

Excellent networking makes the difference between getting interviews and offers and a prolonged job search. Networking Debugged features field tested techniques that work.

Download Networking Debugged now to cut through all the angst and confusion of how to get to the people who can help you. Learn how to ask so you get what you need.

Finally, a networking book that understands how difficult networking can be for executives.

  • Remove the fear and loathing of networking with baby step by steps
  • Use scripts and examples which you can modify for your own efforts
  • Create clearly defined objectives for each contact
  • Plug into social networking tools to create your community
  • Learn from advice from the very people to whom you want to connect

“When I started looking for a job, I felt like I was back in grade school, unfocused and running at the mouth. With Networking Debugged, I developed a networking technique that was focused and to the point. I was able to generate leads and connections every time I asked. Everyone with whom I spoke “got” my message and understood the opportunity I was targeting. What a confidence booster!” Lance K., VP, Bus. Dev.

“I was skeptical at first but once I saw the results I got when I emailed or phoned a contact for leads, I became a believer. I told Rita, with some surprise, ‘This really works.’ Then she taught me how to get introductions to exactly the people and companies I needed to reach.” Kumar S., Director Development.

“As an Executive, I am the one who helps others. I don’t ask for help. Rita’s Networking advice made it easier for me to pick up the phone to ask for what I needed in a way that I knew would get results and not demean me. Amazing.” Al D., VP Ops.

Become an expert at networking
Overcome reluctance to “ask a stranger” for help
Help your contacts deliver on what they promised
Expand your network quickly and effectively
Learn to use online tools to find people you need
Ask for what you need to get results every time

Take a look inside the book

Download Networking Debugged to get control over your networking efforts for faster results. $19.99 buys you field tested techniques for networking your way to leads and interviews.


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