The beauty of it all… I love my job.

I encourage my clients to keep a brag book for their accomplishments, small as well as noteworthy. This simple effort keeps self esteem up and focus high. No reason not to drink my own cool aid.  This page is my personal brag book. Come back often to read about new accomplishments.


March 10Philip negotiated the final offer on his new VP job in London. The transition expenses threatened to be a deal killer until he decided to take my advice to allow the hiring company to do the right thing.

We used Google Docs to share a spread sheet on which Phil listed all his current income compared to the projected. [Delighted to learn about this new tool.] We then created columns with all the expenditures and incidental financial issues, including lost opportunity and taxes on monies he’d have to liquidate from savings to pay off the the mortgage after the sale of his home. He finally saw all the details in one place.

Once we established his go/no-go number, (he previously did what most of us do, he just pulled a number out of the air on a best guess basis) we were ready to negotiate. He shared his data with the company and without threats or strong arms, helped them do the right thing.

As Philip often said, my coaching is all about nuance. “How can we get as close to what I need as possible?” instead of “If you can’t do at least this, I can’t take the job.”

Outcome? They exceeded his go/no-go and Philip moves his family from California to London next month. He was such a joy to work with because he not only trusted me, he acknowledged my support, often and with detail. No mystery he is such an accomplished leader.

March 25Sarah just called to say she accepted the job as Executive Director of a $100 million organization in Seattle. She was new in town and in three months found four opportunities for which she was taken seriously.

Sarah is 50+ yet ageism played no noticeable part in her efforts. Why? Because she led with examples and outcomes that mapped directly to the needs of prospective employers. She was a wonderful client and thanked me profusely for the networking and interview tips she assures me made the difference in this successful outcome. Her outstanding credentials had a lot to do with it, but this time, she found people listened. I am so proud of Sarah and she is glad she learned new life skills.

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